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In Other News: Blogs and Tweets

Welcome to the weekly roundup of blogs and tweets that mention Nexus, Maven, and other projects that Sonatype developers contribute to.


Upgrading Maven on Mac OS X
"Upgrading Maven on Mac OS X is generally nothing very special, but I'd like to summarize the steps I've done. Maybe it is helpful for users which are not so familiar with the Terminal application."
by Moritz Petersen on September 5th, 2009 at 14:12

Maven project filtering
"Depending on your project requirements/number of customers, you may have to support different target environment. This article will help you to make your Maven build a bit more portable in that sense. Maven can help you avoiding having stage dependent data across all your Maven projects/ modules very easily thanks to resources filtering."
by Walter Cedric on Saturday, 05 September 2009 13:43

Cutting-Edge Clojure Development with Maven
"I promised, in my previous post, that I would show you how to use the latest-and-greatest versions of Clojure and clojure-contrib in your Maven projects. Here's that post."
by Stuart on 04 Sept 2009

Automated Deployment with Maven - Going the Whole Nine Yards
"This talk discusses a number of strategies for automating your deployment process, and shows how you can integrate CI tools like Hudson and Bamboo with other tools such as the popular JIRA issue tracking software for an (almost) seamless deployment experience. In particular, it will show in practical terms how to automate the deployment using Bamboo, JIRA and Nexus in a real-world multi-module Maven web application."
by John Ferguson Smart on Thu, 2009/09/03 - 1:00am

Maven's Not So Bad: Further Thoughts on Clojure Package Management
"Maven is a touchy subject. People tend to have strong opinions about it. But like it or not, it's the de-facto standard for dependency management in the Java world. Clojure lives in the Java world, so that means we have to live with Maven."
by Stuart on 03 Sept 2009


stuartsierra: Updated #hadoop #maven POMs
Tuesday, September 8th at 22:03:57

hudsonci: @eciramella Yikes! Do tell! I hope you now think that #Hudson rocks as much as #Maven 2 though
Tuesday, September 8th at 21:34:55

stuartsierra: More #maven fu, creating your own public repo
Tuesday, September 8th at 15:50:55

talios: Nice, Scott Fleckenstein just created a #maven archetype for my #clojure plugin -
Tuesday, September 8th at 00:59:33

thragor: Reading how to test #Maven #Mojos and
Monday, September 7th at 13:25:31

lucabastos: Desenvolvedores Java. Maven The Definitive Guide, livro grátis da Sonatype. Última versão em
Monday, September 7th at 12:54:35

cynipe: the-definitive-guide-edition-071-released #maven
Monday, September 7th at 12:33:31

neotyk: Here is some useful documentation from #Maven
Monday, September 7th at 12:09:21

devylon: using maven since version 0.9.x, but never used the release plugin before today #maven
Monday, September 7th at 11:54:40

thragor: Problems with #Maven and #Log4j 1.2.15 Dependencies? See here:
Monday, September 7th at 11:51:04

GabrielCorpse: Developing with #Eclipse and #Maven
Sunday, September 6th at 20:24:20

torstenwerner: just blogged about 10 years in #Debian now - #Java #Maven
Sunday, September 6th at 09:42:42

cedricwalter: - Apache Maven project filtering: make your build portable and target any runtime environment (tips & tricks)
Saturday, September 5th at 11:45:10

laurentkempe: @jrguay At Innoveo Solutions we use for both .NET and Java, Team City works great with Maven and Visual Studio solution
Saturday, September 5th at 13:17:45

cloudme: New blog post: Upgrading Maven on Mac OS X
Saturday, September 5th at 12:41:32

cedricwalter: New blog post: - JSF static analysis in your build with Maven and JSFUnit
Saturday, September 5th at 12:40:27

chrissearle: New post: Using maven-exec-plugin to store the current git sha in a build (
Saturday, September 5th at 09:52:35

integratedarts: Messing about with #ableton and #dblue glitch - made a arpeggiated run with #nexus and routed aux out to #lexicon vortex then back in. Yeah!
Saturday, September 5th at 05:41:38

jasondlee: Maybe someone listening will point me to an existing one. That would be awesome. #seam #maven #archetype #glassfish
Saturday, September 5th at 04:13:11

site_news: - Maven JEE (EBJ3 JPA)
Saturday, September 5th at 03:18:27

stuartsierra: @dysinger I admit clojure-maven-plugin is lots of Java for a simple task, but maybe it's good to enforce convention
Saturday, September 5th at 01:27:00

dysinger: I would be interested in corkscrew if it did everything maven does @technomancy @bradfordcross
Friday, September 4th at 22:59:38

bjagg69: Portal seems stable again. Back to tweeting ... set up a maven proxy repository to make Oracle driver easily accessible
Friday, September 4th at 22:55:16

alisohani: #Apache technologies that did & will change computing by @cutting #struts #ant #lucene #hadoop #couchdb #maven
Friday, September 4th at 22:51:28

olamy: RT @jvanzyl: 454 integration tests as evidence, we are very close to Maven 3.x be a drop-in replacement for Maven 2.x:
Friday, September 4th at 21:43:31

talios: @stuartsierra @technomancy Using pure clojure code and the Maven Embedder could be an interesting route
Friday, September 4th at 21:31:28

stuartsierra: @bradfordcross @technomancy #corkscrew is nice idea, but won't fly unless it's a #maven plugin
Friday, September 4th at 20:39:53

stuartsierra: Using nightly #clojure and contrib builds in #maven
Friday, September 4th at 19:14:59

stuartsierra: @dysinger @bradfordcross I think I prefer the #Clojure #Maven plugin over embedded Ant because it's more declarative.
Friday, September 4th at 18:03:46

coding: Ob wohl Google App Engine Projekte auch mit #Maven funktionieren? Gibt's ein stabiles #Plugin? #GAE
Friday, September 4th at 15:56:01

stuartsierra: clojureshell-maven-plugin sample pom.xml #clojure #maven
Friday, September 4th at 14:30:06

javawugcom: @jvanzyl Available now! Video of #Apache #Maven 3 talk from 17 June 2009, London #JAVAWUG N-joi
Friday, September 4th at 12:05:49

fahdshariff: mvn release:perform -Dgoals=deploy (to skip site-deploy) #maven
Friday, September 4th at 08:00:26

stuartsierra: #Maven 's Not So Bad: Further Thoughts on #Clojure Package Management
Thursday, September 3rd at 22:40:16

Abderrazakk: Moteur de recherche Maven par Sonatype
Thursday, September 3rd at 12:28:13

acampanario: discovering Apache Maven via @jabad... thanks!!!
Thursday, September 3rd at 08:05:41

NorseOne: Using the Naked Objects 4.0 Maven Archetype | Domain Driven Design using Naked Objects
Thursday, September 3rd at 07:36:24

LostInTangent: Can't sleep so I'm watching a presentation on #Maven from the Seattle Java User's Group ( #SeaJUG
Thursday, September 3rd at 07:34:37

taroleo: [B!] Maven - Guide to Working with Multiple Modules
Thursday, September 3rd at 04:27:45

Flexmojos: FlexPMD, never used but already liked. Why? Built using Maven + Flexmojos. Check is pom:
Thursday, September 3rd at 02:26:41

paulosuzart: Is #maven better than #sbt for scala? I'm lefting sbt for a while. scala project with mvn see my slideshare (conejo).
Thursday, September 3rd at 02:17:08

meowtaro: actually thinks maven 2 is kinda nice...
Wednesday, September 2nd at 23:06:09

morlhon: Something i'd like to do with #maven possibly with #nexus : find all references of a given dependency within a given groupid.
Wednesday, September 2nd at 11:56:04

ulysseskao: 分享
Wednesday, September 2nd at 11:39:13

taroleo: [B!] Packaging Java apps for OS X with Maven - simplericity
Wednesday, September 2nd at 07:28:33

vaadin: RT @joonaslehtinen: The 6.0.x Vaadin releases and a sample archetype are now in the central Maven repositories (or being replicated to them)
Wednesday, September 2nd at 07:18:03

taroleo: [B!] Maven IzPack Plugin - Maven IzPack Plugin - Introduction
Wednesday, September 2nd at 06:58:26

lachlanhardy: Holy Maven Resources Plugin, Batman! Can you say automagical version updating of JavaScript libraries on release? @i386 is my hero!
Wednesday, September 2nd at 06:41:49

acdog: [maven-hibernate-search] Andrew Wright - debugging.
Wednesday, September 2nd at 05:43:03

talios: Wrapping up some code then heading off to the JUG. Gentoo+Java and EBean's Maven Migration. Should be interesting.
Wednesday, September 2nd at 05:10:44

wakaleo: Automated deployment with maven - going the whole nine yards: #agile2009 available online: #maven
Wednesday, September 2nd at 04:20:34

xinotes: Maven dependency scopes
Wednesday, September 2nd at 02:46:43
Rnaufal: Using Maven for the first time..Very practical its dependency management (download and adding it to a Java project)
Wednesday, September 2nd at 00:44:54

drewylui: RT @sarahmaddox: Just published: guide to using the new Atlassian Plugin SDK. Fun! Am now a Maven geek by proxy
Wednesday, September 2nd at 00:36:58

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