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Nexus 1.3.4 Interface Supports Bookmarks

As Nexus is designed as an AJAX application using the ExtJS framework, it doesn't reload an entire page every time you need to view settings or a insect repository. It relies on Javascript to load markup and modify the content of various DIVs and UI elements in the Nexus interface. While this is great for responsiveness and providing end-users a rich user interface, it is a challenge when someone wants to link to a specific panel. We're happy to announce that, as of the 1.3.4 release, Nexus provides support for Bookmarkable URLs. Every time you click on a panel, Nexus is going to alter the URL shown in your browser's Location bar, this makes it easy to point another Nexus user at a specific Panel in the interface.

Nexus Support for Bookmarkable URLs from Sonatype on Vimeo.
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