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Maven 2.0.10 Released

After several months and countless release candidates, the 2.0.10 release is finally official.

You may recall some release candidates early last fall from 2.0.10 -- those eventually became 2.1.0M1 as several new features were introduced that had a potential to destabilize 2.0.x users. The features were pulled out and the bug fixes kept behind, producing the official 2.0.10 release. This RC process started last year with 2.0.9 should produce another solid release.

Our attention will now turn back to finalizing the 2.1.0 release. The M1 release turned out to be very stable, but unfortunately since it was called a milestone release, many users didn't (or weren't allowed) to use it. Because of this, we have pushed out the features originally planned for future 2.1.0 milestones into the 2.2 release so we can focus on making 2.1.0 final.

Hopefully this will mean that 2.0.10 is the last release of the 2.0.x line, but the possibility remains of a release to fix any serious regressions that weren't uncovered with all the release candidates.

The 3.0 alphas are also coming along, with alpha-3 due out any time now. With active releases coming out from three branches (2.0.x, 2.1.x, 3.0.x), you can pick your flavor: boring but stable, fresh yet familiar, or cool yet mysterious.

See the release notes for all the information and links to download the new release.

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