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Sonatype Nexus Maven Repository Manager 1.2 Released

The Nexus release is available for download. This release improves upon the architectural enhancements started in 1.1 for plugins. 1.2.0 also provides for greater manageability and customization of the embedded Jetty server, support for incremenetal Nexus indexes, and support for plugins. To download this 1.2.0 release go to Here is an quick overview of some of the more interesting changes in this release.

  • Jetty Customization: The embedded jetty is now able to consume a full jetty.xml. This means several things, first it allows you to adjust the buffers and timeouts (this is needed to work around windows bugs if you have nexus on windows). More importantly it means that proxying via https/ssl is now possible. A link to the info is available from the FAQ. Examples are also included in the bundle at conf/examples. I recommend you still review the docs.
  • Incremental Index Support: Built in to 1.2 for remote repositories. Shortly we will start publishing incremental indexes on Central and Nexus will be able to download only the pieces that have changed. It is not yet publishing the incremental for downstream, but that will come shortly.
  • “Clear Cache” is now called “Expire Cache”: to avoid confusion. All this does is mark files as being expired so Nexus will recheck the remote for updates. Nothing is actually cleared and the files would only be redownloaded if the timestamp on the remote is newer.
  • Clean/Repair Metadata Files: Nexus is now able to rebuild Maven Metadata files to remove/fixup bad information.
  • Command-line Utilities: We also have some command line tools available to separate mixed snapshot/release repositories and convert local repository formats for importing into Nexus.

See the full list of improvements and fixes here.

This release is also the core used for the Nexus Pro 1.2 Beta. The Pro version packages several plugins around the OSS core. These plugins were discussed in a previous post. The Pro Beta is shipping today to those users that have signed up for the beta program.

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