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Maven, Nexus & m2eclipse at Devoxx

I'm really excited to be heading off to Devoxx! It will be my first time in Belgium and there are some very powerful features in Nexus, m2eclipse, and Maven 3.x excited to demo. I'll be around from Tuesday to Saturday so if anyone wants to find out about anything Maven/DependencyManagement/Repository related.

Some of the things going on in Maven-land:

  • NMaven was released this week from Codeplex and Byldan which is a pure C# implementation of Maven is also going to be out soon and is very cool.
  • Mercury which is the next generation dependency management library is also close to being released.
  • Nexus is going to have some very powerful OSGi features and that seems to be piquing a lot of interest.

So lots to chat about. To find me just ask everyone to say "out and about with Java" and you will immediately identify the Canadian, then you can narrow it down with questions about Maven. If you find a person that says those words normally and doesn't know anything about the Maven Site Plugin you have found Howard Lewis ship. Otherwise you have found me.

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