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Feedback on the Nexus 1.2 Release

Some good feedback from Henri Gomez From the nexus-user mailing list on December 23rd:

We [had] a major crash on Archiva 1.1.3 after our Linux SLES VMWARE partition has been upgraded. We couldn't get it to work with Sun JDK 1.5 / 1.6 (seems to be a major problem with Linux/Sun JDK/VMWare) and Archiva didn't support IBM JDK.

I had to switch to Nexus and after 4 hours of works, it just works great.

Nexus WAR, Tomcat 6.0.18 and IBM JDK 6.0 and everything works now fluently.

A big thanks to all Nexus developers and thanks also to made it available as a simple webapp.

While we think it takes less than 4 hours to install Nexus, Henri was probably taking his time to preserve data from his old Archiva installation. If you are interested in Sonatype Nexus, you can download the release and get started today.

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