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GitHub, say Hello to the Nexus Platform

Sonatype’s Nexus Intelligence has long been the world’s premier source of health and hygiene data pertaining to open source and third party dependencies.

It’s now integrated with GitHub and allows developers to efficiently manage third-party dependencies and accurately control open source risk. 

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Nexus Intelligence integrated with Github

For Developers, by Developers:
Free Tools to Protect Your Applications

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Our free artifact repository with universal support for popular formats. 




Identify open source dependencies. See if there are known vulnerabilities in your applications.




DepShield checks for open source vulnerabilities in your dependencies at the commit-level in GitHub. Available for Apache Maven, Node.js npm, and Go projects.

Try our integrations with GitHub Action


Using OSS Index, Nancy checks for vulnerabilities in your Go dependencies. Download within GitHub to run on your private project or your local machine.


Run a Nexus IQ policy evaluation as part of your GitHub Actions workflow.

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Publish components from GitHub Actions workflow to Nexus Repository.


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