Sonatype Delivers Premium Open Source Controls to GitHub | Press Release



Nexus Lifecycle delivers always-on component intelligence within the Jenkins continuous integration server which allows teams to deliver application innovation at DevOps speed.

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Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and Team Services provide an enterprise-class foundation (on premise or in the cloud) for teams to share code, track work, and continuously ship quality software. For any language and any tool, the Visual Studio application lifecycle management platform is a great compliment to Nexus products.

Micro Focus

Micro Focus and Sonatype have partnered to deliver a new breed of application security analysis that includes static and dynamic testing coupled with open source component analysis. Now, users of Fortify on Demand and Fortify SSC have complete visibility into risks associated with open source and third party components in their applications.

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CA Release Automation

CA Release Automation is a continuous delivery solution for reliably deploying applications on demand, accelerating the delivery of applications and improving the quality of releases. The CA Release Automation solution embeds Nexus Repository OSS to provide storage and management for component binaries.

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Atlassian Bamboo

Nexus products integrate with Atlassian products to automate continuous integration and ensure that your application builds and development processes consist of only the highest quality components parts.

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Eclipse IDE

Nexus products integrate with the tools that your developers love, including the Eclipse IDE.  With Nexus and Eclipse working together, your developers have built-in evaluation of all components in a project as well as transitive dependencies.

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Nexus integration with SonarQube provides application, component, and policy violation data directly inside the SonarQube interface. Features include, summary data with links to detailed reports associated with corresponding SonarQube projects.

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Containers are an important part of the software supply chain. Without visibility you can't maintain the balance of velocity, quality and security. Sonatype works with Twistlock to provide open source governance to containerized apps.

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Intellij IDEA

Nexus integrates with the world's most popular developer tools including Intellij IDEA, providing precise open source intelligence directly to the developer so they can select only the highest quality component during development.