Successful DevSecOps practices encompass people, processes, tools, and measurement.

But where should you start, how can you validate your existing practices, and what are the possibilities? This reference architecture file helps also you answer the following questions:

  • Where can we further automate manual, security, and business tasks?
  • What DevSecOps tools and integrations are others deploying?
  • What interactions do we need to be aware of or map out?

View, modify, and save a version customized to your needs. Our file format can be used with, Visio, and Lucidchart. A static PDF version is also available.

Once downloaded, you will be able to use our DevSecOps reference architecture tool to:

  • frame your needs to know where to start the design process.
  • guide your decisions using a stripped-down, tiered approach to tools.
  • visualize how teams of people will work together to develop a final product.
  • understand terminology thanks to a comprehensive glossary and cross-reference document.