An explosion of technology into every corner of the digital experience has dramatically accelerated the demand for innovation.

Sonatype recently worked with global research and advisory firm, 451 Research, to better understand software composition analysis (SCA) differentiators and key highlight areas that organizations must consider carefully to ensure the right tools and processes are in place. There are many vendors and disparate tools in the SCA market today — but not all are able to automate your governance initiatives at scale.

Read the report to learn about:

  • The top 5 enablers of the SCA market and how these key elements provide the foundation to a successful SCA program
  • The key SCA solution differentiators and why it is critical for security professionals to understand how these differences align to fully realize the promise of automation
  • The SCA decision-making steps that organizations must consider carefully to ensure they are getting the right tools and embracing the right processes for the job