SANS 2023 DevSecOps Survey Report

Understand the evolution of DevSecOps and where it stands today, including an in-depth look at organizational architectures, best practices, techniques, and personnel.


No matter the industry or size of the organization, security teams have come to realize that achieving enterprise scale and development agility in today’s digital landscape requires a DevOps approach. In its 10th annual DevSecOps Survey Report, SANS engaged with a diverse set of roles and organizations to examine indicators of secure DevOps maturity and better understand the relationship, practices, and the future of this intersection of software development, security, and operations.

Read the full survey report to understand:

  • How organizations use cloud platforms, architectures and development ecosystems to identify security requirements, risks and opportunities
  • What security tools and best practices organizations are leveraging to maintain a “shift left” mentality
  • What are the future trends and adoption of new technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), data science and GitOps–and how they might impact the future of DevSecOps
And the survey says...


69% of respondents reported at least 25% of their applications are running on VMs. 


There is a significant increase in respondents reporting that they were experimenting with the use of AI or data science to improve DevSecOps, up from 33% in 2022 to 49% in 2023. 


DevSecOps is now seen as a business-critical issue. Forty percent of the respondents were aligned with the business side, and 13% of respondents identified themselves as business managers.

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