Uncompromised security. Unrivaled productivity.

Streamline development and mitigate open source threats with advanced threat detection and proprietary machine learning.

Equip your organization with the knowledge and strategies to bolster security posture. All while maintaining a competitive edge in the face of evolving threats.

Download the Whitepaper "Debunking the Myth of Security vs. Productivity" for critical insights on:

  • How Sonatype Repository Firewall scales and adjusts to your organization, guaranteeing continued protection against emerging threats and vulnerabilities.
  • How Sonatype Repository Firewall utilizes AI/ML-driven techniques for comprehensive threat detection.
  • Leveraging proactive malware prevention to swiftly identify and quarantine suspicious packages, ensuring they don't threaten your development process.
  • The importance of automated policy enforcement in streamlining risk management, reducing human error, and improving compliance.
  • How universal repository support ensures seamless integration with popular repository managers, multiple programming languages, and package formats.
  • Flexible deployment options like cloud, self-hosted, and air-gapped that accommodate diverse organizational requirements.