A Discussion with AFCEA Signal featuring DoD DevSecOps Experts

The security landscape for the US Government is changing, it's time to shift left. Government agencies are increasingly embracing the concept of DevOps with the DoD paving the way

In today’s world, understanding what’s in your supply chain is critical to national security. Not all components are created equal. Open source and DevOps can give the federal government the power to innovate, but not without proper controls.

Watch on-demand to learn more about:

  • The current state of DevSecOps across the DoD and the federal government
  • Why the time is now to shift left and stay ahead of your adversary
  • How automated security practices are being implemented across the DoD

Hear From Our Experts

Katie Arrington
CISO – Acquisition and Sustainment
Ian Anderson
Lead DevSecOps Engineer
Daniel C. Holtzman
Cyber Technical Director
Derek Weeks
Vice President
Sonatype Envelope

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