How to Safeguard Your Software Supply Chain

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In 2023, an alarming 96% of vulnerabilities found in open source downloads were actually avoidable. Shockingly, poor consumption practices led to a staggering 2.1 billion OSS downloads, introducing security risks despite the availability of safer and updated versions.

Sonatype CTO, Brian Fox and Guest Speaker, Forrester Senior Analyst, Janet Worthington, join forces to shed light on; crucial data and insights for industry leaders, the significance of SCA testing, and the proactive measures teams take to brace themselves against future cyberattacks. They will delve into the implications of the ever-growing software supply chain regulations and the need for better OSS consumption practices.


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Janet Worthington

Senior Analyst


Brian Fox



Join us to uncover effective strategies for organizations to safeguard their software supply chain and protect against future attacks.