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Nexus Lifecyclenexus repository

OSS vs Pro

Take Your Builds to the Next Level

See why Fortune 100 companies are choosing Nexus Repository Pro to reinforce secure, reliable controls across development and operations.

Universal Repository Support
Private Hosted Repositories
On-Demand Proxying, Grouping
Global Component Search
Role-Based Access Controls
Repository Health Check
Automated Cleanup Policies
Community Support
Staging & Build Promotion
SAML/SSO, Enterprise LDAP, Auth Tokens
Runtime Storage Expansion/ Migration
Advanced Repository Health Check Report
Content Replication
Deploy to npm & Docker Groups
Resilient Failover
Custom Component Metadata
World Class Support
Dedicated Customer Success Team

Nexus Community Plugins

We love your plugins and the Nexus Repository user community has already started to develop some. In fact, Nexus Repository now offers support for APT format which originally came from the Nexus user community. If you’ve created a Nexus Repository Manager plugin, reach out to our Community Advocate, and we’ll help you through the process of getting it out to other Nexus Repository users. View the entire list of plugins at Nexus Exchange.

Universal Control with Nexus Repository