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Deploy faster. Be secure.

Unite security and developers to accelerate digital innovation without sacrificing security or quality across the software supply chain.

Sonatype Repository Firewall

Block malicious open source at the door.

Sonatype Nexus Repository

Build fast with centralized components.

Sonatype Lifecycle

Control open source risk across your SDLC.

Nexus Firewall V1
Nexus Repository V1
Nexus Lifecycle V1

Strengthen your software supply chain

  • Unite teams together

    to automatically ensure quality code and open source throughout your software development lifecycle.

  • Achieve speed and security

    from a single platform to define and enforce policy at speed of development.

  • Remediate vulnerabilities fast

    continuous monitoring with unparalleled data and expert guidance to resolve issues when policy violations occur.

  • Integrate with your tools

    into the existing tools and DevOps pipelines you already use and love.


faster searches and downloads of OSS components by developers


reduction in time spent reviewing and approving OSS components


faster identification and remediation of OSS vulnerabilities


smaller windows of exploitability from adversary attacks on OSS components

T Mobile
American Express
US Air Force
Independence BCBS
Changi Airport Group

Open source components analyzed


How it works

Build code quality into your workflow

Establish your risk tolerance

Teams decide together what level of risk your company is comfortable with. Then automatically enforce policies early across any stage of your software development lifecycle.

Protect against risk that your software can be exploited in ways that are harmful to your business or customers.

Protect against legal risk from open source license obligations. An example is the GPL license which requires public disclosure of source code.

Protect against risk from low-quality components. Sonatype uses a variety of metrics to assess quality including age and popularity.

This is a catch-all category to protect against any other kind of risk, usually related to organizational priorities. One example could be ownership of a component.
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Your favorite tools
Your favorite languages

Select the best open source components

Developers receive leading intelligence on the risk factors for each open source component early in the selection process—in the tools you are already using. 

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Your favorite tools
Your favorite languages

Develop with full transparency 

Application security teams get full visibility into the components of each application throughout its lifecycle. Policy is enforced automatically, alerting developers if mild violations are detected, or blocking entire builds if the violations are severe.

21,000 new versions of open source libraries are released each day. Automatically block malicious code, store your favorites in a central repository, and continuously identify risk as code ages.

Even the best developers can make mistakes. Maintain quality at speed and receive actionable feedback during code review where it can save you the most time.

75% of organizations run containerized apps in production. Improve portability and deploy faster at scale everywhere from dev to run-time. 

Deploy without delays

Policies are analyzed and enforced automatically so there are no unhappy surprises when it comes to deployment. Easily confirm policy compliance and continue to monitor for new defects.


Identify critical security vulnerabilities and code quality issues, then deliver reports results directly to developers when they can most effectively fix them.

Replace inefficient workflows and the burden of manual policy reviews. Share secure and repeatable components between developers, then save time with automated software supply chain security throughout each build. 

If organizations don’t focus on innovation, they risk being disrupted. Sonatype gives engineering teams the confidence and intelligence to quickly develop the software their businesses need without incurring any trade-offs in quality or security.
Superior data powers our platform

Access exclusive vulnerability data

Know the risks first. Go well beyond the National Vulnerability Database with exclusive insights into 120+ million vulnerable components discovered by our in-house team of security researchers.
in-house security researchers

Avoid false positives or negatives

Reduce developer noise with insights you can count on. Access data compiled from automation and careful human curation that your team can act on without fear of rework.
Save $14,000
per developer, per year

Maintain security at speed

When it comes to security, speed matters. Reduce developer time spent researching, securing approval of, and downloading quality open source components with the right information at the right time.
faster vulnerability remediation time


  • “We needed constant monitoring and notifications of open source vulnerabilities in our applications. That’s what Sonatype Nexus Repository and Sonatype Lifecycle delivered.”
    Nick Alexander
    Systems Architect, Discovery Health
  • “We evaluated Black Duck, Veracode and Sonatype Lifecycle. My colleagues and I chose Lifecycle because it is the best user interface for what we are trying to do—remove all critical findings before they reach production.”
    Lars Brӧssler
    Senior Software Developer, Endress+Hauser
  • “If you design secure software, use a secure process. Accreditation should be done by the time the code is complete.”
    Lauren Knausenberger
    Chief Transformation Officer, US Air Force
    US Air Force - 340 x 240
  • "Everyone loves the immediate visibility it provides them with regard to security and compliance or engineering and their component choices. They also love the immediate guidance it provides to alternative component versions when an initial choice is found to be out of compliance.”
    Derek Evans
    Director of DevOps, BNY Mellon Pershing

Secure your software supply chain