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Meet Muse.

Developer-friendly source code analysis.

Available Now on GitHub

GitLab & Bitbucket Beta


Collaboration Icon

Built for developers, designed for collaboration.

Muse is designed to reduce friction and provide feedback the same way your teammates do - as comments in code review.
Analyze Pull Requests Icon

Automatically analyze incoming pull requests.

Muse integrates 24 pre-configured code analyzers into GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket for code performance, reliability, security, and style issues.

Machine Learning Icon

Constantly getting smarter with machine learning intelligence.

Muse utilizes machine learning and is constantly getting smarter, providing developers feedback on bugs they are most likely to fix.
Easy Setup and Config

Easy setup and configuration with a variety of language coverage.

Any developer can get started with Muse in seconds with a wide variety of coding languages including Java, JavaScript, Python, Go, and Ruby.

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