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Open Source Licensing

Easily understand open source license obligations.

Comprehensive Coverage
Comprehensive Coverage
Industry’s largest and only database of open source license obligations
Obligation Data
Obligation Data at a Glance
Full text obligation details filtered by type, threat group, or keyword
Continuous Updates
Continuous Updates
Frequent updates on license changes or additions to support governance policies

Expert License Guidance at Your Fingertips

The Most Comprehensive Database of Open Source License Obligations

The Sonatype License Obligation Review tool (LORT) is a curated database of open source license obligations across multiple categories, types, and threat groups. LORT helps open source governance teams clearly understand their license obligations to better define policies.

Sonatype License Obligation Review Tool

License Obligations and Full License Text in a Single Dashboard

LORT displays all license obligations including non-standard terms, copyright information, and commercial use restrictions in a single view. Legal teams save time from manually reviewing every open source license to identify risk.

LORT includes:

  • Every major open source license with the full license text.
  • Each obligation for a license no matter how obscure.
  • Easy-to-use searching for specific keywords. (For example, which licenses have a “nuclear” exclusion).
  • Filters to sort licenses by License Threat Group (LTG), License Name, and Reviewed Status.
LORT Dashboard

Continuous Updates Provide Visibility for Legal Teams

LORT is continuously updated by the Sonatype Data Research team, providing lawyers with the reasoning behind the predefined license threat groups and policies within Nexus Lifecycle. By clearly understanding every license obligation, legal teams can use policies as is or create new ones based on their risk tolerance.

Lifecycle License List

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