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Know what production apps are made of.

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Generate a Software Bill of Materials

Nexus Auditor automatically generates a software bill of materials to identify open source components used within 3rd party or legacy applications.

Get a complete list of open source components included within your app to quickly identify components that violate your open source policies.


Triage License and Security Risk within Third Party Applications

Before you accept an application from a 3rd party, first scan it with Nexus Auditor to clearly see if any restricted licenses or security vulnerabilities exist.

With Auditor, you can analyze your inherent risk based on your open source policies and provide remediation guidance to remediate all issues.

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Continuously Monitor Apps for New Vulnerabilities

An open source component might be free of security vulnerabilities today, but that doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever. Nexus Auditor continuously monitors your production applications to identify newly disclosed vulnerabilities.

You’ll receive an email or alert when a new vulnerability is found, so you can immediately take action to eliminate any threat from outside attackers.


“There is also a feature called Continuous Monitoring. As time goes on we'll be able to know whether a platform is still secure or not because of this feature. It's integrated, it's proactive, it's exactly what you want for a security product.”

- C. Chani (Financial Services), IT Central Station Review

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