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Nexus Repository Pro Product Tour

Manage and distribute components across your software supply chain.

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Nexus Repository Pro Features




Repository Pro

Technology Included Continuous Component Intelligence Continuous
IQ Server
Repository Manager
Supply Chain Integration Points
· Source
Components from Central Repository, RubyGems.org, Docker Hub, etc
· Store
Java, NuGet, npm, Docker
· Develop
Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA
· Build
Jenkins, Bamboo, SonarQube
· Operate
Continuous Production Monitoring
Additional Integrations
· Command Line (CLI)
· Custom (API and Plugin)

The world's most popular repository

  • Give your team a centralized repository for managing all popular component formats.
  • Gain insight into component security, license, and quality issues.
  • Improve productivity by efficiently distributing components to developers around the corner, or around the world.
  • Modernize software development with intelligent staging and release functionality.
  • Sleep comfortably with world-class support and training.

Universal support for all popular formats

  • Store and distribute Maven/Java, npm, NuGet, RubyGems, Docker, P2, OBR, APT and RPM and more.
  • Manage components from dev through delivery: binaries, containers, assemblies and finished goods.
  • Awesome support for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) ecosystem, including Gradle, Ant, Maven and Ivy.
  • Compatible with popular tools like Eclipse, IntelliJ, Hudson, Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, Docker and more.

Healthy parts make healthy software

  • Repository Health Check (RHC) provides up-to-date component intelligence, so your teams make informed decisions early on.
  • Easily avoid known security and license issues for Maven/Java, npm and NuGet components before they get used in your applications.
  • Application Health Check provides summary and detailed reporting that encourages communication and improves the quality of your applications.
  • Advanced search gives your teams instant access to component intelligence they can't find anywhere else.

Say hello to Repository Manager - The engine underneath

  • Nexus Repository is powered by Repository Manager, the same technology engine found in our OSS version deployed at more than 100,000 organziations world-wide.

  • Built on the shoulders of Maven, Repository Manager supports all popular component formats and brings your entire development organization together.

  • Repository Manager gives you instant insight into potential component security, license, and quality issues, enabling teams to take corrective action early and quickly.

  • Repository Manager includes staging and release functionality that provides support for operations and quality assurance processes prior to production.

  • Utilizing a modern approach to active-active high availability, Repository Manager ensures your teams are never without access to the right components when they need them.


The smartest Repository available

  • A single source of truth for components used in development results in less time spent searching or waiting on slow downloads.
  • Active-active high availability provides a component fabric so your teams have the right component and the right version to deliver applications without delay.
  • Not just for development, you’ll also have a centralized location for QA, operations and related provisioning teams and the tools they use.
  • Easily integrates into your existing user and access provisioning systems include LDAP, Atlassian Crowd, and more.
  • Encrypted SSL communications keep your development work safe from issues like man-in-the-middle attacks, as well as other privacy related issues.

Modern features for continuous innovation

  • Deploy directly to a desired repository with your choice of build or deployment tool or directly via HTTP.
  • Stage and manage releases with dedicated security and automated rule validation.
  • Enhanced staging provides streamlined oversight and approval of workflows for release candidates.
  • Share binaries, snapshots and releases between groups of developers or post a collection of related, staged artifacts which can be  easily tested, promoted, or discarded.

Great value and world-class support

  • We count users, not servers.  This means you can scale deployment to as many servers and datacenters as you like without additional costs. 
  • We provide tremendous documentation and live support for installation, configuration, usage, upgrades.
  • Learn via on-demand video training and connect with us via real-time chat. 
  • Standard support is 8AM to 8PM EST - 24/7 support is available.
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