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Nexus Firewall

Automatically stop risky components from entering your software supply chain. 

Nexus Lifecycle

Infuse component intelligence into every phase of your software supply chain. 

Nexus Auditor

Know exactly what components are in your software applications.
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The Brain Behind Nexus

  • IQ Server shares component intelligence with your teams early, often and throughout the software supply chain so they make better decisions and build better software.

  • IQ Server offers a fully-customizeable policy engine, so you can define which components are acceptable, and which are not.

  • IQ Server integrates with popular development tools including, but not limited to: Maven, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Visual Studio, GitHub, Bamboo, Jenkins, Xebia Labs, and SonarQube.

  • IQ Server provides a full suite of supported REST APIs that provide access to core features for custom implementations.

Enforce Open Source Policies with Confidence

Legacy open source governance tools claim to show everything - vulnerabilities in all languages across all ecosystems. In reality, they show nothing at all, in detail. Most of today's legacy tools generate numerous false positives and false negatives, have no way of evaluating unknown components, and are slow to respond to newly discovered vulnerabilities. Simply put, they are NOT compatible with DevOps native development. Learn how you can avoid this.