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What We Learned from Studying 36,000 OSS Projects | Press Release

Nexus Auditor

Know the quality of open source inside your software.

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What's in your software?



Get detailed component intelligence results, down to the transitive dependency.
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Create policy based on existing rules or regulations.


Drill into findings to discover security, license, and quality related issues.


Monitor applications continuously for newly-discovered component issues.

Know the truth about your applications.

Determine the composition of every application, including third party apps.
  • Document the parts inside your software or COTS applications with a detailed bill of materials.
  • Automatically pinpoint open source security vulnerabilities, license risk, and quality concerns.
  • Remediate risk in the blink of an eye and gain first mover advantage.
  • Send notifications when unwanted components are identified in evaluated applications.
  • Contextually waive policy violations as appropriate.

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