Nexus Repository Manager Hands-On Training

This one-day interactive class will showcase the features and benefits of Nexus Repository Manager through in-depth hands-on exercises. Students will gain the knowledge and experience necessary to set up, use, and administer Nexus Repository Manager. The hands-on exercises use Maven, NuGet, npm, Docker, etc. 


Nexus Lifecycle Fundamentals Workshop

The Nexus Lifecycle Fundamentals workshop is designed to get your team up to speed quickly and see value immediately. This one day workshop will explore the key elements of deployment, basic policy creation, and SDLC integration giving you the foundation to deploy Nexus Lifecycle in your enterprise.

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Nexus Lifecycle Policy Workshop

The Nexus Lifecycle Policy Workshop introduces the core concepts around policies that drive guidance and enforcement throughout the software lifecycle. This one-day workshop focuses on defining and configuring the rules for component management and learning best practices for continuous component governance.

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Nexus Lifecycle Champion Workshop

The Nexus Lifecycle Champion Workshop provides an in-depth review of deployment strategies, policy maintenance, risk mitigation, and socializing adoption. The one-day workshop helps you determine how best to deploy Nexus Lifecycle to increase team adoption. As well as best practices for enforcing policies, resolving violations and defining risk thresholds.

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Nexus Lifecycle Developer Training Class

The Nexus Lifecycle Developer training class provides the knowledge and practical instruction to get developers started. This half-day training class gets you up to speed quickly and helps you understand how component management can be a natural part of your development process. See how to analyze component risk and fix vulnerabilities early in the development lifecycle to avoid costly rework.

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