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Nexus Data Services

Finding the best components is exhausting.  Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

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Public and proprietary data come together in everything we investigate.


Data and source code verified to root cause to ensure accuracy.


Our experts provide a path forward and a clear course of action.


Continuous component intelligence within your favorite development tools.


Let's be honest, looking for needles in haystacks is difficult work. Success requires much more than a simple Google search, and resources like NVD are incomplete. At Sonatype, we do world class component research everyday, all day, so you and your team don’t have to.


Quality research is more than just identifying whether a component is vulnerable; it's understanding the root cause of a vulnerability. As part of our code review process, we test to validate the component intelligence. When necessary we design detailed attack scenarios. Simply put, this approach makes our data better.


You've got enough problems; you need solutions. Sonatype's component intelligence is the best in the world because it does more than just identify issues; it includes recommendations for upgrades, migrations, workarounds, and configurations (secure by default).


In order to accelerate software innovation, developers require the right data, at the right time, within their favorite tools like Eclipse, IntelliJ, Jenkins, Bamboo, and SonarQube (just to name a few). Sonatype's data is better because it's right there, when and where your developers need it.

Try an Application Health Check

Talk is cheap. We invite you to see for yourself our component intelligence in action.

Below, you’ll find a link to download Application Health Check (AHC for short). This tool enables you to sample for yourself the deep component intelligence that underpins our Nexus products.

Use AHC to evaluate your own application; or analyze one of ours. You’ll be provided with a detailed bill of materials showing you exactly what's inside.

NOTE: If you choose to analyze your own app, please know that your source or binary code is not exposed.

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