Reduce open source risks and accelerate software compliance.

Quite possibly, the hardest job in software

It's not easy being a governance professional and working with a crowd of software developers. Often times, it's painful. A little like oil and water.

On one hand, you're focused on fighting the good fight each and every day -- standing vigilant against potential risks that could threaten your company.

On the other hand, your development counterparts are driven to create innovative applications as fast as possible and they would prefer not to think about things like risk management.

But, when it comes to modern software development, you know better than anyone that the world is awash in millions of open source and third-party components. While most components are a healthy source of innovation -- some of them pose huge risk and liability.

OSS governance and software compliance professionals like you need need simple tools to keep an eye on things so you can help the development team quickly and easily separate software wheat from chaff and protect your company from unnecessary risks.

The name of the game is speed and quality

Modern development methodologies including agile, continuous delivery, and devops have increased the speed at which software can be manufactured.  And, although development teams are under intense pressure to deliver applications faster -- you're the one responsible for maintaining compliance and governance. You appreciate the need for speed -- but no one is giving you a hall pass.

Work smarter, not harder

As the person responsible for software compliance and governance, you don't have to live your life on the fringes of the development process. You can use modern tools from Sonatype to integrate your risk management priorities directly into the software supply chain. Finally, there is a simple way to help developers help themselves by giving them the ability to make quality decisions early, often, and throughout the entire software supply chain.

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"We’re building a tool chain that both enables automation and also provides that built-in governance. So I really like Sonotype Nexus. Using Nexus, we can still allow a developer to deploy something but the system becomes the regulator so they don't introduce a known defect into the application. I think the checks and balances we get out of it is really powerful."

Paula Thrasher
Application Delivery Lead, CSRA
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