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Automate the software supply chain.

The nexus of software

In every modern software organization there is a three-way intersection between development, security, and operations. It is a place where interests and motivations either collide, or converge.

While most organizations spend time and money managing the aftermath of collision -- your team is different, because it harnesses the power of convergence to accelerate software innovation, security, and quality.

An agent of change

Developing and delivering secure software efficiently, and running applications reliably at scale is no easy task.  Neither is aligning dev, sec, and ops tribes on the same sheet of music.  Success requires equal parts charisma, guts, talent, and motivation.  Above all, it requires cultural change.

To break the mold and get things moving in the right direction, you created an initiative to remove roadblocks, build bridges, and embrace DevOps inspired best practices. Your efforts required grit, perseverance, and leadership.  You got your hands dirty, dug in and made a difference, and now your team is beginning to reap the rewards of continuous delivery at DevOps speed.

Just getting started

Although you've tasted initial success and the promise of continuous delivery is closer, there is still much work ahead in order to achieve DevOps success.

It's not enough to create a collection of best-in-class tools. You need to do more.  You must embrace automation from start to finish, across every phase of the software development lifecycle.  In other words, you need to build a software supply chain so you can continuously manufacture applications faster and better than your competitors.

At Sonatype, we know what you're made of.  We're inspired by your unwavering commitment to accelerated software innovation. And, we're here to help you succeed like never before.

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"Sonatype Nexus is a fantastic platform. We love the Nexus repositories. A lot of our DevOps practice is working together with it. We've put together our Nexus repositories to do code signing and figuring out how to really secure our pipelines a certain way. We are taking advantage of the fact that we can pick up components, track them, and then scan them for known vulnerabilities."

Shannon Lietz 
DevSecOps Leader, Intuit

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