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Accelerate innovation and beat the competition.

What business are you in?

Today, there are 10 billion connected things on the planet. By 2020, this number will be 50 billion; and software is the glue that holds it all together.

CEOs understand that these connected things are not abstract. They are people, machines, data, customers, equipment, and processes. Indeed, these things are the equity assets that underpin the value of every business. And, they are the reason why every company, at its core, is a software company.

Survival is optional

It doesn’t matter whether you lead a bank, a drug maker, an auto maker, or a retailer; survival in the modern world requires that CEOs accelerate software innovation. Failure to do this will leave your company vulnerable to disruption by a competitor that you've never even heard of. One like Uber, or AirBnB, or Netflix; all of them highly innovative software companies that materialized out of thin air and disrupted entire industries over night.

This stark reality is why the best CEOs view software development not as a cost of doing business, but rather as a strategic weapon of choice for competing and winning on a global playing field.

You can spot these CEOs from a mile away. They run companies like eBay, Intuit, SAP, State Farm, and Goldman Sachs; they dedicate themselves and their organizations to solving business problems faster than their competitors. Instead of accepting business as usual -- they embrace and invest in continuous delivery, DevOps, and supply chain principles to accelerate every aspect of software development and delivery.

We're here to help

At Sonatype, we do for software manufacturing what Edwards Deming did for auto manufacturing. We offer tools and products that allow your teams to organize and optimize how parts flow throughout your software supply chain. The result is accelerated innovation. Just what the doctor ordered.

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"There is widespread recognition among leaders in most industries that the role of digital technology and software is rapidly shifting, from being a driver of marginal efficiency to an enabler of fundamental innovation and disruption."

Accenture World Economic Forum White Paper: Digital Transformation of Industries

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