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What We Learned from Studying 36,000 OSS Projects | Press Release

Modernize Application Security within Federal Agencies

Secure the code you borrow, not just the code you write.

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Sonatype is a key control provider for Government programs using open source software
to accomplish their mission objectives.

Release Faster. Automate Open Source Security.



Define open source component policies by organization, team, and application type.


Automatically and contextually enforce policies across your entire DevOps pipeline.


Continuously visualize component intelligence within your favorite tools (including Nexus and Artifactory).
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The Total Economic Impact of The Sonatype Nexus Platform - Executive Summary
Sonatype commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential ROI enterprises may realize by deploying the Nexus platform.
Four Strategies for securing Federal Applications at the speed of Devops
Four Strategies For Securing Federal Applications At The Speed of DevOps
Agencies need security protocols that can keep pace with development practices - without holding them back. Discover how SSCA can help.

The Nexus Platform
Powered by Superior Intelligence

Automatically enforce open source policy early, everywhere, at scale. Empower your development teams to release faster and control risk.



Confidently quarantine bad parts from entering your software supply chain. Learn more. 



Automate open source governance at scale with precise and actionable intelligence. Learn more. 



Analyze the quality of components inside your parts warehouse. Learn more. 


paula thrasher

“Using Nexus tools from Sonatype, we’ve created a software development tool chain that gives us powerful checks and balances so we can accelerate innovation and still manage risk.”

-Application Delivery Lead, Paula Thrasher

Government Agency Roadblocks in DevSecOps
Sonatype Vice President Derek Weeks answers the question, "What impediments do government agencies face when implementing a DevSecOps approach?"

Software Supply Chains are More Susceptible
Sonatype Vice President Derek Weeks answers the question, "Where are supply chains most susceptible to attack?"

Web Applications are Hacked More
Sonatype Vice President Derek Weeks answers the question, "Why do web applications receive the most attacks?"
How others run DevSecOps