One in Six Developers in Healthcare Report Open Source Breaches | Press Release

Evolve Faster Than the Open Source Security Threat.

Sonatype Nexus provides precise intelligence for delivering uncompromised applications. 

Evolve Faster Than The Open Source Security Threat.

Sonatype Nexus provides powerful checks and balances for accelerating innovation and still managing risk. 

Sonatype Protects Over 150 Federal Agencies


Mission Ready Secure DevSecOps

“If you design secure software, use a secure process... accreditation should be done by the time the code is complete.”

— Lauren Knausenberger, Chief Transformation Officer, US Air Force

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Driving the DevSecOps Initiative at the US Air Force

The Nexus Platform provides open source integrity for...


Application Development

  • Innovate faster.
  • Fewer bugs to fix.
  • Automatically leverage highest quality open source components.

Proven Results:

Free up your developers to innovate more, save time chasing false positives, and improve productivity.


Application Security

  • Shift security left.
  • Automatically identify open source risk.
  • Rapidly remediate known vulnerabilities early, everywhere, at scale.

Proven Results:

CISOs minimize risk, automatically enforce open source policies and improve application security.

The Nexus Platform protects your entire software development lifecycle.


Vet parts early and automatically stop defective open source components from entering your software supply chain. 


Manage libraries and store artifacts in a universal repository and share them across development teams. 


Empower teams with precise component intelligence to enforce policies and continuous remediate risk. 


Monitor OSS components in production and scan legacy apps for a bill of materials.

Deliver Secure Applications at Scale

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Hear from Lauren Knausenberger on the importance of delivering code to the warfighter as fast and securely as possible by applying DevSecOps principles.

How the Airforce leverages DevSecOps
Hear from Nicolas M. Chaillan on leveraging DevSecOps to build software faster and better at the US Air Force.  

The Challenges facing federal agencies
Hear from Sonatype VP Derek Weeks about the challenges facing government agencies when implementing DevSecOps.   


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