Modernize Application Security within Federal Agencies

Secure the code you borrow, not just the code you write.

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Open source usage is massive and it’s growing

1,096 new open source projects launched every week

200,000+ components downloaded by an average company annually

1 in 18 component downloads contain a known security vulnerability

84% of open source projects don’t fix known security defects

Are your software applications secure?
Eliminate Developer Waste
Infuse open source intelligence early in the SDLC and empower developers to select only the highest quality components. By shifting security practices left, you can protect access to data during system design, rather than bolting it on later in the development lifecycle.
Increase Efficiencies
Continuously monitor for new security vulnerabilities and automate your open source governance policy. With precise intelligence that is updated near real-time, you can quickly respond to vulnerabilities the day they are announced and mitigate any possible risk.

A Modern Framework for Managing Federal Government Application Risks

Nexus Repository Pro

Store and distribute components with enterprise-grade support.


Nexus Firewall

Prevent risky components from entering into government software.


Nexus Lifecycle

Automatically ensure that government software is built from the highest quality parts.


Nexus Auditor

Examine government applications and quickly create a Software Bill of Materials. 

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“Using Nexus tools from Sonatype, we’ve created a software development tool chain that
gives us powerful checks and balances so we can accelerate innovation and still manage risk.”

-CSRA's Application Delivery Lead, Paula Thrasher

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Shift Security Practices Left
Shift Security
Practices Left

Seamlessly integrate security into the developer’s IDE and and automate open source governance throughout the SDLC.



See the Nexus Difference
See the Nexus

Concerned you might have vulnerable open source components within your apps? Run our free application health check to find out.

Automate Open Source Governance
Automate Open Source Governance

Legacy tools generate numerous false positives/negatives creating developer waste. Deliver secure applications at scale with precise open source intelligence.

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