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Go Fast. Go Secure. Go Nexus. 

The Nexus Platform enables Go development teams to automatically control open source risk across the entire SDLC.

Nexus Repository supports Go


Gophers are cute. Vulnerabilities are not.
Are open source vulnerabilities burrowed in your app? Find out with Nexus Vulnerability Scanner.  Scan a Go app against our curated vulnerability database. In scanning your app, your source or binary code is not exposed any way. 

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Examining your own application does not expose your source and binary code in any way.

For Developers, by Developers: Freebies to Protect Your Go Applications

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Our free artifact repository with universal support for popular formats, including the ability to proxy Go binaries. 


Identify open source dependencies and determine if there are any known, publicly-disclosed vulnerabilities in your Go applications.


DepShield checks for open source vulnerabilities in your dependencies at the commit-level in GitHub. Use it for free!


Using OSS Index, Nancy checks for vulnerabilities in your Go dependencies. Download within GitHub to run on your private project or your local machine.


Goalie scans binaries against OSS Index to identify component-level vulnerabilities. Upload your Go Mod and let Goalie block bad components lurking inside!

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