Have big goals for 2024? Overwhelmed keeping up with the latest DevOps and DevSecOps trends your boss expects you to know? We’ve got your back.

Our upcoming webinar “Looking ahead: Top 5 trends every DevOps Manager needs to know for 2024,” breaks down our predictions (backed by a ton of research) for what DevOps leads will need to address as the development world continues to transform. Packed with insights to evolve your strategies and impress your boss, this webinar will give participants practical tips, knowledge and tools to excel in this rapidly changing landscape.

Here's a glimpse of what our crystal ball is telling us:

  • Developer Dilemmas: Strategies for efficient, risk-free development.
  • SBOM Revolution: The future of Software Bill of Materials and its impact.
  • Battling the Shadows: Protect your code against evolving threats.
  • Time vs. Efficiency: Maximize productivity by conquering dependency upgrades.
  • AI/ML Realities: Navigate the challenges of AI and ML in DevOps.