Sonatype Streamlines Deployment for Millions of Developers Using Kubernetes, Adds Native Helm Support to Nexus Repository


Fulton, MD – February 24, 2020 -- Sonatype, the company that scales DevOps through open source governance and software supply chain automation, now includes native support for Helm in Nexus Repository (NXRM). Additional support for developers using Helm Chart Repositories, and by extension Kubernetes, is part of the company’s commitment to strengthening container-based development and ensuring NXRM always enables users to universally manage software libraries and build artifacts.

Support for Helm is now available in both Nexus Repository Pro and our free version Nexus Repository OSS.

Universal Binary Management for Helm Charts, Reliable and Faster Builds

According to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s biannual survey, more than 40% of enterprise companies are running Kubernetes in production environments. That number is only continuing to grow, with Datadog reporting at the end of 2019 “that almost half of all its container users have already turned to Kubernetes.” Kuberenetes’ portability and extensibility in automating containerized application deployments has enabled DevOps teams to move exponentially faster. However, with the large number of objects that need coordination with Kubernetes, usage can also be very complex and complicate processes it was trying to streamline.

Using Nexus Repository to proxy or host Helm Chart repositories centralizes and significantly simplifies operations, giving developers all of the benefits of using a binary repository manager in their CI/CD workflows. This alleviates the dependency developers have on getting charts from the public Helm registry, enables them to configure, share, and deploy Helm Charts across an organization and enhances chart security. Further benefits of storing Helm Chart repositories with Nexus Repository include:

  • Increased build performance from locally caching your Helm Chart dependencies 
  • Extensive search capabilities for finding Helm packages
  • Sharing Helm packages across internal teams with hosted Helm Chart repositories
  • Removing the need for network connection between external Helm packages

“Sonatype was founded on the principles of open source, and since then, has dedicated itself to supporting its growth. Seeing how quickly open source projects like Kubernetes have become standard across global enterprises is rewarding and invigorating,” said Brian Fox, CTO of Sonatype. “We felt it was important to provide a better way for developers to manage Helm, and ease Kubernetes use, not only because we believe in supporting container-based development to increase productivity and decrease intricacies, but because we believe in open source platforms that help developers strengthen their craft.” 

Further Expansion of OSS Coverage in Nexus Repository 

In addition to Helm support, which will be available in Nexus Repository 3.21, the company is also announcing native coverage for P2 and NuGet V3 proxy repositories. This further underlines Sonatype’s devotion to universality and promise to invest in our developer ecosystems to deliver the highest quality native support for all formats. 

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