Russian Enterprises Turn to Swordfish Security and Sonatype to Combat Risk Associate With Open Source


MOSCOW -- February 25, 2021 - Swordfish Security, a leader in Russian application security and enterprise digital transformation projects, today announced it secured its dedicated Platinum Partner Certification with Sonatype, the leader in open source governance and DevSecOps automation.

Previously winning awards for Sonatype’s Emerging Partner of the Year and Highest Revenue Project, Swordfish Security is Sonatype’s dedicated Russian Partner working closely with a majority of the industry leading financial institutions in the country, offering end-to-end solutions for application security testing automation. As an Authorized Platinum Reseller and Distributor, Swordfish Security has completed full commercial and technical training, meaning they are the only Russian entity fully certified to deploy the Nexus portfolio and deliver Sonatype training workshops.

“Swordfish Security has a second-to-none reputation for delivering incredible value and service to enterprises embracing DevSecOps and digital transformations in the Russian market. We’ve been incredibly lucky to have them as part of our team,” said Wai Man Yau, General Manager, International, Sonatype. “As a fully self-sufficient partner, and Authorized Platinum Reseller and Distributor, Swordfish Security has made expanding the Nexus platform and providing even more organizations with open source governance and automated intelligence, so they can build secure software, incredibly easy.” 

Fueled by Nexus Intelligence, which includes in-depth security, license, and quality information on more than 100M open source components across dozens of ecosystems, the Nexus platform precisely identifies open source risk and provides expert remediation guidance, empowering developers to innovate faster while keeping applications safe. Only Nexus secures the perimeter and every phase of your software development lifecycle (SDLC), including production, by continuously monitoring for new risk based on your open source policies. With the addition of this partnership, Swordfish Security can ensure that its customers have every application security element in place so they can focus on their core business and innovation, rather than worrying about security risks.

Commenting on the partnership, Yuri Sergeev, Managing Partner, Swordfish Security, said “We see quite high demand for open source governance solutions from Russian enterprises going through digital transformation and we are proud to introduce and offer the industry leading Sonatype’s product family on the market. As our joint partnership continues to grow we expect large and complex DevSecOps implementation projects, where we can rely on the Nexus platform as a foundation of a secure software engineering process. And we find quite valuable the fact of substantial level of trust by our Clients in Sonatype’s solutions due to high accuracy, extreme velocity and exceptional performance of results delivered inside value streams.”    

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Swordfish Security is the leader in the digital transformation market of secure software engineering processes and DevSecOps implementation. Our experts help Clients to launch Application Security initiative and scale up implementation of DevSecOps according to requirements of the entire cybersecurity landscape.

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Sonatype is the leader in software supply chain automation technology with more than 400 employees, over 1,200 enterprise customers, and is trusted by more than 10 million software developers.  Sonatype’s Nexus platform enables DevOps teams and developers to automatically integrate security at every stage of the modern development pipeline by combining in-depth component intelligence with real-time remediation guidance. For more information, please visit, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn