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Eficode and Sonatype Partner to Secure the Software Supply Chain for Modern Enterprise Organisations


With the Sonatype Nexus Platform, Eficode helps customers understand the importance of shifting left and automating open source security across the DevOps pipeline

Helsinki, Finland, Nov. 27, 2019 -- Today, Eficode, the European leader in DevOps that is designing, optimising, and managing today’s evolving software development lifecycle processes with its DevOps Platform Eficode ROOT, announced a partnership with Sonatype, the inventors of software supply chain automation, to bring open source governance to its rapidly-growing customer base. 

Eficode’s new partnership with Sonatype enables customers of its Eficode ROOT DevOps Platform, which helps companies manage their DevOps software production lines as a service (SaaS), to innovate faster and easily mitigate security risk inherent in open source, throughout the application development lifecycle. Sonatype’s Nexus Platform provides automated analysis of open source security and software composition via the company’s unrivaled vulnerability and license exposure data, making it even easier for Eficode customers to instill security into their development practices. 

“Today, the biggest security risks for corporations are in software. At Eficode, we have seen that security has become a top priority for all companies, as they recognize how much they rely on software. Thus, management teams are increasingly interested in understanding the current status of software security and what underlying threats and vulnerabilities exist,” said Niko Herold, VP International Operations at Eficode. “Sonatype helps our clients quickly gain insight into their application technology stack, providing DevSecOps stakeholders key insight into the risks and threats posed by modern software development practices.” 

Modern organisations no longer view software development as a cost of doing business, but rather as a core competency and strategic imperative that defines the entire enterprise. This shift, and understanding that they must release software faster than their competitors, has increased use of open source software exponentially. Today, on average, 85% of a software application is compiled of open source, making the ability to effortlessly secure open source across the development lifecycle vital to every business focused on innovation and speed. 

“Eficode is an extremely valued partner and addition to our strategic delivery ecosystem,” said Wai Man Yau, Vice President International at Sonatype. “Like Sonatype, Eficode has helped guide in the era of software supply chain management and is committed to helping companies better automate software development, while ushering in key DevOps and DevSecOps practices. Our joint mission to reduce manual effort for developers, along with their dedication to their customers, makes them perfectly situated to help us further expand the footprint of the Nexus Platform.” 

The Nexus Platform is an integral part of Eficode’s strategy to perform software composition analysis. It automatically enforces open source governance and controls risk across every phase of the software development lifecycle. Fueled by Nexus Intelligence which includes in-depth security, license, and quality information on millions of open source components across dozens of ecosystems, the platform precisely identifies open source risk and provides expert remediation guidance, empowering developers to innovate faster. The full DevOps CI/CD integration ensures customer supply chain hygiene and the use of the highest quality parts at every step of the software manufacturing process.

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To learn more about how Eficode and Sonatype can help your organisation build safe, secure, high quality software, visit and 

About Eficode 

Eficode is the leading DevOps company in Europe, driving the DevOps movement across six countries with ideas that put customer value and team satisfaction on center stage. Eficode was doing DevOps before the term even existed by advising global brands who want their teams to make software more effectively. Today, Eficode transforms companies with unmatched DevOps expertise and builds solutions which harness automation and cloud computing. Eficode’s community of more than 300 professionals are building the future of software development together. To find out more, visit

About Sonatype 

Sonatype is the leader in software supply chain automation technology with more than 300 employees, over 1,000 enterprise customers, and is trusted by more than 10 million software developers.  Sonatype’s Nexus platform enables DevOps teams and developers to automatically integrate security at every stage of the modern development pipeline by combining in-depth component intelligence with real-time remediation guidance. For more information, please visit, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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