Liberty Mutual and Sonatype

Deploying applications at the speed of development with Sonatype Nexus Repository
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Liberty Mutual Insurance



  • Slow delivery of value because of manual processes
  • Inability to trace and monitor component usage
  • Reduce Mean Time to Deployment


  • Nexus Repository Manager
  • Integrated with Bamboo Orchestration, Docker, Chef, Ansible, Bosh


  • Removed manual review points
  • Established end-to-end traceability
  • Ratio of builds to production increased by 500%
  • Mean time to Deployment (MTTD) significantly reduced
  • Track and monitor within multiple environments
"By layering automation and instrumentation through our pipelines we were able to reduce the average time for new applications from 25 days to 2.5 days, with the record of 8 minutes from desktop to cloud."

Edward Webb, Director, Software Delivery Platforms
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