Sonatype Unveils Full-Spectrum Software Supply Chain Management | Press Release

Tyro Payments w/ Nexus Repo and Lifecycle

Building Next Generation Banking with Nexus.
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Tyro Payments



  • Implement processes for managing open source component usage
  • Monitor application aging
  • Eliminate licensing issues
  • Remove manual obstructions


  • Nexus Repository Manager
  • Nexus Lifecycle
  • JIRA/Confluence
  • Puppet
  • GoCD Server


  • Immediate visibility of component vulnerabilities
  • Automated policy and licensing enforcement
  • Comprehensive Software Bill of Materials for each application
  • 5 GBs of traffic for each night's build
  • Nightly builds, weekly deployments
"Before Nexus Lifecycle, we really had no way to monitor policy violations or licensing risks. Nexus Lifecycle gave us a way to actually prioritize what to fix."

Edwin Kwan, Application and Software Security Team Lead.
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