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Sonatype Expands its Executive Team Following an Outstanding 2018  Press Release

mobile.de and Nexus

Automated consistency across the CI/CD pipeline
mobile.de uses nexus repository



  • No consistency in CI/CD pipeline across multiple teams
  • Security within the CI/CD pipeline
  • Manual infrastruture management
  • No centralized storage for multiple binary types


  • Nexus Repository
  • SonarQube
  • Selenium Grid
  • OpenStack
  • Jenkins
  • Ansible
  • Confluence/JIRA


  • Centralized storage for multiple binary types for 200 software engineers in multiple groups
  • Consistent development environment
  • Integration of automated security within CI/CD pipeline
  • Nexus 3 used for Docker registry functionality
"We’ve had a single Nexus instance standing up for two years. The maintenance and support effort is zero because everything just works."

Donato Emma, Team Lead of Engineering Support
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