Sonatype Delivers Premium Open Source Controls to GitHub | Press Release

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Container Vulnerability Management

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View open source risk


Single View into all Open Source Risk 

With direct integration to Clair, organizations now have a single view into open source risk at all layers of the container.

Runtime and operating system level vulnerabilities are ingested with a third party API and combined with the precise and accurate identification of application level vulnerabilities in Nexus Lifecycle dashboards and reports.

One Flexible Policy Engine to Govern Open Source Usage

Now organizations can use Nexus Lifecycle’s flexible policy engine to govern open source risk within the entire container.

A single policy identifies open source policy violations and notifies the appropriate application development and security teams with detailed remediation guidance for how to resolve.

Flexible Policy Engine


“Nexus has improved the time it takes us to release secure apps to market by saving us weeks of rework.”

- Sr. Lead Solution Services (Financial Services), IT Central Station Review

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