Avoid the Top 5 Most Popular Vulnerabilities Within High Tech Organizations  

Five open source vulnerabilities are commonly found in High Tech software. Find out more in the report. 

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Organizations Are Turning To Open Source

Technology companies use open source to bring their products to market quickly and provide a competitive advantage, but with the benefit of speed comes some inherent risk. 1 in 10 open source component download requests contain a known security vulnerability.



Software Vendors Need Automated Open Source Governance Solutions  

Technology organizations should be able to generate a software bill of materials to identify all open source within an application to continuously manage risk and enforce open source policies across your entire software development lifecycle.

Technology Organizations Need Automated Open Source Governance


Create a Secure Development Environment

Enforce open source policies within the developer’s IDE and SCM tools and quarantine bad components with an OSS firewall.


Provide Proof that Your Applications Are Secure

Automatically generate a software bill of materials (SBOM) to identify open source and third party libraries used within your software supply chain. 


Integrate Open Source Security Into Your DevOps Pipeline:

Continuously monitor applications for new open source security risk and resolve quickly with expert remediation guidance.

  • “When we acquire a new company we will, as part of the due diligence, scan their products to make sure they don't have vulnerabilities that we are not prepared to accept. So [Nexus Lifecycle] helps us be sure that the target acquisition is of suitable quality in terms of its open-source use.”

    A. Cox, Civica, IT Central Station Review


  • “Potential clients ask how we detect and address security issues. In our industry, a health system that houses patient information, it is worthwhile to continuously monitor for security vulnerabilities. And to address these concerns as soon as they come out with [Nexus Lifecycle].”

    R. Van de Broek, Software Architect (Tech Vendor), IT Central Station Review


  • “My advice is to use [Nexus Lifecycle] as soon as you can. Implement it into your environment quickly because it's going to help. Your devs are going to thank you for it.”

    W. Kanazawa, Primerica, IT Central Station Review


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Case Study

How Others Automate Open Source Security

Trilliant uses the Nexus Platform to seamlessly integrating OSS component intelligence into the developer's IDE

Peer Paper

What To Consider When Selecting An SCA Solution

Read how your peers proactively control open-source use to better manage risk.


See If Your Software Is Vulnerable

Use Nexus Vulnerability Scanner and find out if your open source is vulnerable. 

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