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Top 5 reasons to join Sonatype's 2021 DevSecOps Leadership Forum

Connect, learn, and grow in your DevSecOps journey at our 2021 North American DevSecOps Leadership Forum (DLF)  taking place May 4, 2021 from 2-4 pm ET.  Featuring real stories from eight industry experts at leading financial, healthcare and technology companies, our developer and security speakers will each share how they actually feel about the development process to help everyone see the other side's perspective. With the goal of better aligning the two camps, you'll hear both success stories and failures from companies like yours to increase innovation, achieve better code quality and reduce open source risk.

The 2021 DLF is part of a series of events we've created over the past 3 years that brings together DevSecOp leaders from all industries to talk about common pain points and learn from each other. Over the years, our North American forums have seen 1,000 attendees, 30 customer speakers, in-person programs in 12 cities across the continent, and 2 virtual programs. This year, the DevSecOps Leadership Series continues its virtual format and comes to your home office to continue the trek towards digital transformation.

But, with so many virtual events in 2021, what makes this one different?

  1. Powerful insights in just 2 hours: We know everyone is busy so we've optimized the event for maximum takeaways in just 2 hours. Our incredible speakers share real stories and digestible insights  that you can take back to your teams, without losing a whole day away from your key projects.

  2. Interact with development and security leaders: We've gathered experts from Fortune 500 companies across North America to conduct live Q&As. We encourage attendees to come prepared with tough questions that they can easily submit through the Q&A chat box.

  3. Engage with industry peers: Even if you don't have a question for the speakers, every attendee will have the opportunity to chat with one another and connect through a community networking feature. No longer restricted by geography, you’ll have access to new peers.

  4. See what Digital Transformation means for both devs and security: We've developed panel discussions that focus on the individual perspectives from a developer and a security point-of-view. Regardless of where you sit, we want you to understand the other side and see if the peers in your camp feel the same way you do. We'll then put it all together and discuss how people and culture play a role.

  5. Best practices you can actually use: This won't be a theoretical conversation. You'll leave with practical next steps you can implement at your organization right away to accelerate your DevSecOps journey.

We hope to see all of you on the 4th - and can't wait until we can do this again in-person. Head over to our website to view our recently updated agenda and register yourself, or refer a colleague.

May the 4th be with you!

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Sara Budsock is a Field Marketing Manager at Sonatype. She is responsible for the creation and execution of strategic account based marketing programs in partnership with sales to build and expand relationships with both customers and prospects.