Resources Blog The top 10 2022 All Day DevOps sessions

The top 10 2022 All Day DevOps sessions


This year’s 24-hour ADDO marathon featured 180 speakers across 158+ countries brought together by their passion for DevOps and sharing knowledge. If you missed a session–or just want to rewatch your favorites – every single one can be viewed on demand. Simply register to access all of the recordings.

With so many speakers across six tracks, we understand if you’re having a hard time deciding on where you should begin. Our suggestion: start with the top 10 most viewed sessions and work your way through the rest from there.

For the complete All Day DevOps experience, grab some caffeine and jump in.

The top 10 most viewed ADDO sessions

1. Journey to Auto-DevSecOps at Nasdaq
Host: Benjamin Wolf, CTO, Nasdaq

2. The Rise of the Supply Chain Attack
Hosts: Sean Wright, Principal Application Security Engineer, Featurespace and Katy Hiller, CMO, Sonatype

3. We Need More Contributors: My OSS Story
Host: Julia F. Morgado, Independent Devrel

4. Plan CI/CD on the Enterprise Level!
Host: Pawel Piwosz, Lead System Engineer, EPAM Systems

5. How To Achieve (Actual) GitOps With Terraform and Kubernetes
Host: Roberth Strand, Founder, Norwegian PowerShell User Group and Azure Cloud Native User Group

6. Discover Your Inner Security Engineer With This One Weird Trick (Hackers Hate It!)
Host: Josh Grossman, Chief Technology Officer, Bounce Security

7. Rethinking Reliability: What We Can (And Can't) Learn From Incident Metrics
Host: Courtney Nash, Senior Research Analyst, Verica

8. How I Built a Successful Platform Engineering Team
Host: Eran Bibi, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Firefly

9. How Much Git Can We Learn?
Host: Sarah Lean, Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft

10. Software Supply Chain Aspects in Infrastructure as Code, and How To Secure It
Host: Lior Kaplan, Founder, Kaplan Open Source

Register now to get started with these sessions, or explore the full lineup of 180 speakers at your leisure. We can't wait to do it all over again and see you next year at ADDO 2023!