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Step-by-Step: Block and Quarantine Vulnerable Open Source Components and Artifacts with Nexus Firewall

We have added two more videos in the Tips from the Trenches Series free video based training, explaining how to configure and use Nexus Firewall to block and quarantine open source components with known vulnerabilities. 

Below are the two most recent videos in the series, highlighting how to configure and use Nexus Firewall. We also have an overview article, The Nexus Firewall – Perimeter Defense for Software Development (published here last week), to explain how Nexus Firewall works.






Tips from the Trenches is a 32-part, quick hit video series that is available to all members of TheNEXUS Community Project. If you are not already a members, join right now and have immediate access to multiple video galleries, including The Nexus 2 Minute ChallengeNexus Smart Proxy and the Nexus Staging Suite.

Want to learn more about "OSS Firewalls". One of the best papers I have read recently comes from Neil MacDonald and Ian Head at Gartner, entitled “How to Seamlessly Integrate Security into DevOps".  It's worth a read and discusses this topic more in depth.

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