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Sonatype Goes to CloudBees Days

We're always excited to spend time with our friends at CloudBees - and participating in their CloudBees Days tour is no different. The fun kicked off last week in Madrid (and continues weekly though June 12) where our own Stefania Chaplin walked the audience through a technical workshop highlighting how you can easily incorporate security at the speed of DevOps. 

At each CloudBees Days our team will share similar insights. They'll be discussing how to create a Jenkins pipeline to automatically scan, detect, understand and remediate known vulnerable open source components using Sonatype's Nexus Platform. We don't stop at just talking about how you could implement this Jenkins pipeline, but give you a chance to execute an attack against the same CVE that affected Equifax, and then actively use Sonatype Intelligence to remediate the vulnerable libraries and verify the attack no longer works.

To make sure you don't miss us at the next CloudBees Days - you can find info about cities and all the workshops we'll be giving below.

Find us in your city and stop by to say hello! 

April 4 - Madrid
Workshop led by Stefania Chaplin, Solutions Architect

April 10 - Zurich
Workshop led by Adam Such, Solutions Architect

April 18 - San Francisco
Workshop led by Tony Baer, Solutions Architect

April 23 - NYC
Workshop led by Curtis Yanko, DevSecOps Evangelist 

April 25 - Atlanta
Workshop led by Mike Van Doren, Solutions Architect 

May 13 - LA
Workshop led by Jesse Houldsworth, Solutions Architect 

May 16 - Seattle
Workshop led by Tony Baer, Solutions Architect 

May 21 - Minneapolis
Workshop led by Curtis Yanko, DevSecOps Evangelist 

May 22 - Paris
Workshop led by Hervé Boutemy, Solutions Architect

May 23 - DC
Workshop led by Andrés Pérez, Solutions Architect 

June 4 - Boston
Workshop led by Dave Darby, Principal Engineer 

June 6 - Chicago
Workshop led by Curtis Yanko, Solutions Architect 

June 11 - Toronto
Workshop led by Andrew McCoy, Solutions Architect 

June 12 - Amsterdam
Workshop led by Ryan Sheldrake, Principal Architect

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Written by Janie Gelfond

Janie serves as the Community Marketing Manager at Sonatype. After starting with the company as an intern, she has worked her way up and is now a core part of the team.