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Sladjana Jovanovic and Bill McArthur Move Silos to Communities [VIDEO]

Editor's Note: The chapter, "From Silos to Communities" is included in Epic Failures in DevSecOps, Volume 2, which is available for free download.

"What Bill didn’t talk about was that this pod was technically improving the platform in a way that only they truly understood. They flew under the radar because they felt that business capabilities were more valued than the technical ones." - Sladjana Jovanovic

Watch the interview with Sladjana Jovanovic and Bill McArthur, with host Justin Miller, here.

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 4.

As humans we have evolved through living in tribes. Look around you, we are social beings and we feel most comfortable within our own tribe. We truly believe that our tribe is the best, and to make it better, we throw our messes over the fence for neighboring tribes to deal with. They add some of their mess to it and throw it back to us. We waste a lot of time and energy cleaning up each other’s messes.

I am a technology executive with years of experience fighting the silo effect that plagues organizations of all sizes. At TD Bank, where I work, we also faced this dilemma. I have learned that when we break down the barriers to communication and collaboration, we thrive as humans and as organizations.

If you'd like to read the entire chapter of the TD Bank story, and eight more stories of epic failures, download the book here.

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Mark Miller serves as the Senior Storyteller and DevOps Advocate at Sonatype. He speaks and writes extensively on DevSecOps and Security, hosting panel discussions, podcasts, and webinars on tools and processes within the Software Supply Chain.