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Red Hat Summit is a Quality Choice: Here's Why

As the person at Sonatype responsible for marketing and channels, my team and I frequently sponsor, attend, and speak at a wide variety of technology conferences.

Over the years, we've learned first hand that not all of them are created equal. Turth be told, there are infinite options to choose from, and it's difficult to determine which ones are worthwhile, and which ones are not.

In that sense, technology conferences are quite similar to open source software components.  There is an infinite volume and variety of options; but identifying the ones that will add the most value to your business is tricky.   

That being said, all of us at Sonatype are extremely excited about participating in the Red Hat Summit next week in Boston.

Not only is summit the premier open source technology conference showcasing the latest and greatest in cloud computing, platform virtualization, middleware, storage, and systems management technologies -- but it will also be a terrific environment for discussing CI/CD, DevOps, and containers; all of which are powerful forces motivating members of different tribal factions (Dev/Sec/Ops) to become increasingly comfortable walking in each other shoes.

At Sonatype, we don't come from the "Ops" world.  Rather, we come from the "Dev" and "Sec" worlds.  Our founders we’re core contributors to Apache Maven, the 30th most popular open source project in the world.  As curators of the Maven Central Repository we carefully studied the staggering volume and variety of open source components flowing through every development environment in the world.  We anticipated that applications would one day be manufactured in much the same way that Toyota makes cars.

Well, that day is now here.  It's called DevOps.  And it's why we created the Nexus platform.

If you are attending the Red Hat Summit -- we'd love to connect and compare notes.  Come visit us at booth #306 -- or register here to join us for a great lunch.

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Written by Matt Howard

Matt is a proven executive and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience developing high-growth software companies, at Sonatype, he leads corporate marketing, strategic partnering, and demand generation initiatives.