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Nexus Lifecycle XC is now available

I am pleased to announce that we recently released Nexus Lifecycle XC which includes expanded coverage for a larger ecosystem of languages including Ruby, PHP, Swift, Cocoapods and others. As we promised earlier this summer with the announcement of XC, Sonatype now provides a win-win intelligence engine that combines the depth of Lifecycle data for machine automated open source controls with the breadth of Lifecycle XC data for foundational open source governance. And with the recent news about Equifax and the Struts2 vulnerability, we all know how important it is to have visibility into a software bill of materials and to automatically govern the use of open source components within the software supply chain.

To learn more about Nexus Lifecycle XC, watch this video from Product Owner Jamie Whitehouse or visit our website to learn more.


Also, download the new whitepaper to learn why Gartner believes it is critical for organizations to created a trusted software supply chain and why tools like Nexus Lifecycle and Lifecycle XC are critical to create a trust but verify approach with your open source suppliers.

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Written by Michelle Dufty

Michelle Dufty is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Sonatype where she brings solutions to market that unite development, security, and operations teams to accelerate software innovation while minimizing open source risk.