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Nexus Lifecycle Report Redesign Survey

The IQ Server team is currently redesigning the Application Composition Report. These changes will simplify the report information, make navigating and filtering the report easier, and make the overall design of the report consistent with the rest of the IQ Server UI.

Current Report Page, Summary Tab



Current Reports Page, Policy Violations Tab


What Will Change?

Filters and Navigation

The current filter controls are a bit scattered; the new design brings them all into the same area, and In addition, you will be able to find and open other reports from this sidebar without having to navigate away.

Simplified Default View

Our new design dispenses with the 4 tabs of the current report, in favor of a single, policy-centric view. The raw security and license data used to generate the report will be accessible via a link to a separate page. This will simplify the report and focus attention on your policies.

Look and Feel

Our new design updates the look and feel of the report to match the conventions of the main IQ Server application.

Report Redesign Mockup, Work In Progress


Why Make These Changes?

Clarity and Relevance

A common complaint we receive is that developers can be misled into thinking that their remediation efforts failed when in fact they were successful. Their policy violation has been fixed or waived, but the issue remains on the security or license tab of the report because those tabs display raw data that hasn’t been evaluated against their policy.

The report should quickly answer the question “What policy violations occurred for this evaluation?” The default view of the redesigned report is meant to answer this question as quickly and simply as possible, with minimal distraction. Details and metadata are still available so that you can audit your findings, but they no longer get in the way of the primary use case of the report.

Paving the way for future improvements.

The complexity of the current report is hampering our ability to innovate our user experience. As we’ve improved our visual language and front end architecture, the report has fallen behind. This redesign not only improves the look and feel of the report, but updates our codebase to take advantage of the patterns and styles developed for the core IQ Server application.

Participate in our Redesign

We are scheduling a group user feedback session for next Monday, 3/19/2018. By signing up through this short survey, you will have the opportunity to evaluate our designs, and discuss them with your peers and our product team. In addition, feel free to provide direct feedback to this post by emailing us at

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As a Product Owner and UX Designer for Nexus IQ Server, I’m fortunate enough to work with a world class team, delivering a world class product. At Sonatype, I work with my team and our users to cultivate and communicate a vision of ever friendlier, more efficient, and more valuable component intelligence. Outside of Sonatype, I like to read, cook, and hang out in the woods with a backpack.