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Nexus Lifecycle and IntelliJ IDEA

Our roots are deeply secured to the development community at Sonatype. While Nexus products now span roles and responsibilities across an organization, we’re always looking to consider the needs of our developer tribe. We make it a point to continually add developer-focused features to our suite of products as part of this commitment. We also work to ensure our products integrate with today’s modern developer tool stack. 

Currently this list is already quite robust, including integrations with Eclipse, Hudson, Jenkins, Bamboo, SonarQube, and more. Of course, we’re always getting request for new integrations, and perhaps one that’s been most often requested is IntelliJ IDEA from JetBrains.

When it comes to Integrated Development Environments, IDEA has become a defacto standard, not just for Java developers, but across the spectrum of today’s development languages. It’s not news that developers love this IDE. That’s why we’re so pleased with today’s announcement.

Nexus IQ for IntelliJ IDEA

Nexus IQ for IntelliJ IDEA is available for all users of Nexus Lifecycle. Powered by IQ Server, IQ for IntelliJ IDEA provides the same continuous component intelligence your peers have been experiencing. 


Not only will you be able to see security, license and other quality information for component before you even begin development, you also have access to that data for direct and transitive components used within your projects. Best yet, this update is completely free, and included as part of your Nexus Lifecycle license.

It won’t take much to get up and running, but you will need to make sure your Nexus IQ Server is updated to the latest release (1.20 or higher), and you’ll need to download the plugin. All of that, and more, can be found on our KB article on our Support Site, the available documentation and in the Nexus IQ Server Documentation online book.

Interview with Justin Young, Product Owner

Till then, feel free to watch an interview with Justin Young, Product Owner for our tool integration development. We look forward to hearing about your experience. Please feel free to reach out to us at:

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