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New on Sonatype Learn: Easy Source Control Management (SCM) Onboarding


For both beginners and experts, learning new software is overwhelming when it's on top of your everyday responsibilities. To help with Sonatype tools, we’ve put together another outstanding eLearning course to get you started.

Our latest is the Easy Source Control Management (SCM) Onboarding course. You can score an easy win by importing your SCM repositories into Nexus Lifecycle and get an initial glimpse of the security risk they pose. Sonatype customers who want to show value in the Lifecycle software can use this eLearning course to get up and running. You’ll save time and effort by quickly recognizing the key threats to your development. This course will help you optimize your onboarding experience, leading you through  how to onboard, configure, and scan up to 15 repositories at a time.

Teams, including administrators and DevOps leadership, will gain visibility into open source risks for critical applications. You’ll have access to a searchable Instant Risk Profile with all the details:

image1-Feb-27-2023-07-37-53-1389-PMExample report

This introduction takes only 35 mins to complete and includes an available certificate of completion.  

For those brand new to Lifecycle, see our Intro to Sonatype Lifecycle course. Or visit Sonatype Learn for more resources, including guided learning paths, a full course catalog, best practices, and more.



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