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New Nexus Customer Feedback Sessions, Summer 2017

This spring we kicked off our user testing and customer feedback sessions for Nexus Repository Manager and Lifecycle. Feedback from Nexus users has been very valuable, and we appreciated getting the chance to talk with many of you!

We would like to provide an early look at our future studies for July, August, and September. Feedback sessions offer a chance to provide your input on early-stage concepts and product designs, or to talk about your current experiences.

If you haven’t signed up for a feedback session and you would like to join one of our usability tests, interviews, or concept value sessions, you can sign up below. If you’ve signed up in the past, but are interested in one of our upcoming sessions, let us know which sessions you are interested in here.


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Summer Sessions

Nexus REST Experience, Customer Interviews

Individual interviews will take place in July and August. We’d like to hear about your needs in 30-minute feedback sessions.

Repository Health Check, Customer Interviews

Individual and group sessions with people who have used Repository Health Check in the last month will take place in August. Sessions are 30 minutes long.

IQ Server, Reporting, Usability and Concept Value Tests

We are currently looking for IQ Server users and those who are interested in trying IQ Server to discuss reporting. 30-60 minute sessions are taking place in August.

Nexus Permissions and Privileges, Customer Feedback Interviews and Concept Value Tests

60-minute sessions will be held in September.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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