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Resources Blog New and expanded free Sonatype learning resources

New and expanded free Sonatype learning resources

Sonatype Learn resources build and improve user's expertise on Sonatype tools. We’re expanding our onboarding tools for new users and adding new interactive courses to go along with our own advice column on key issues in software supply chain management. This will help new and current Sonatype users expand their capabilities while building open source and the software supply chain knowledge.

Got the onboarding blues?

When you're just staring out, learning new products can be time consuming and overwhelming for the user. You now have access to a plan that gives you all the resources upfront. This first journey map focuses on resources for your security team.

The Onboarding and Implementing Your Sonatype Products (Security Focus) Journey Map is flexible, allowing you to freely navigate through any or all of the steps in the process and focus on the sections that are most important to you and your team.

Benefits of this Journey Map include:

  • Line-of-sight to the entire onboarding and implementation processes

  • Alignment of expectations and more simply divide accountabilities within teams

  • Breaking down silos in an organization and within teams, allowing a more streamlined introduction to Sonatype products

  • Resolving potential knowledge gaps at different stages of onboarding and implementation

And don't forget our first two JumpStarts that also help you get up and running quickly:

New interactive course catalog

Quickly connect with the content most relevant to you in the Sonatype Learn Interactive Course Catalog:


Just Ask Sloan, where you decide the topic

Ask Sloan provides advice on all topics related to cybersecurity. When you need advice, encouragement, or want to share your thoughts with others, email your question. Together, we’ll make cyber a safer space.

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Visit Sonatype Learn for more resources, including guided learning paths, a full course catalog, best practices, and more.

Written by Cerah Hedrick (they/them)